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  BK Consultant – Biuro Konsultingowo -RachunkoweWe are a provider of a wide range of accounting services. At ouroffice you can take care of most of formalities related to openingor closing of any company. We will act as an adviser to you, andrepresent you before the authorities. Thanks to our cooperatinglaw, notarial offices and auditing companies we can also provideother services. If you are prudent, you can also get personal orproperty insurance with most renowned insurance companies. Ouraccounting services are provided based on customer tailoredcomputer software, which complies with the recommendations of theMinistry of Finance. Records made in such computer programmes aresecured at several different levels.We also provide insurance and agency services related to bankcredits and leasing. To find out more, please visit our Warsawoffice at ul. Grochowska 324/12, call us or e-mail at the followingaddress biuro@bkconsultant.pl